Dear Customers,

Daehan Instrument Co., Ltd started from 1989 by CEO Sanghee Han, and since then it is being considered to have the best technology for manufacturing and localization design of the thermocouple element and flow meter.

The company gained success by development of “Cone Type Venturi Meter”(1993) and localization of thermoresistor and Pitot Tube, which lead to growth in supply to major companies like POSCO.

Today, our products are well recognized among exports in Southeast Asia, including China. Furthermore, the company was honored with $ 3mln export award in 2009 and it continues its growth overseas.

In 2010, since the factory moved to a larger facility located in Musong-dong Hwaseong-si, it is possible now to design and manufacture special products, (for instance, KOSHA explosion-proof and ABS Classification certified) and which makes our company an industry leader for promoting innovative development techniques.

With accumulated experience and passion of executives and staff members, the company is certain to achieve its goals following the Vision “Technology-based value creation”.

We will do our best to provide core value to our customers.

Thank you.

4th June, 2012
Daehan Instrument Co., Ltd
President/CEO June Song